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Free yourself through exploratary movement 

Body scanning
A time to let the mind settle down to focus on self...Giving attention to the whole body...Using the floor for kinesthetic feedback.
Better arm/shoulder movement
Learning how your shoulder move.
The moment you begin...
A nice perfect integrated movement...A positioning that helps you discover many sensations about yourself.
Improve ankle mobility
Unusual positioning & moving your rigid ankle. This enhances your walking & running.
Free your neck
Understanding the functioning of neck requires co-ordination of your body to move with more ease & freedom.
Arm & spine connection
A simple movement that helps to release tension in the neck & shoulders.
Primal moving
A process in finding & adjusting your positioning to get to where you want. Results in a better awareness, better movement coordination.
Getting up from floor & down
Learning different ways to bring yourself up from the floor to standing & vice versa.
Finding pelvis
Understanding the pelvis movement & how it relates to the spine & upper part of your body.
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To retrain & rewire your body & mind through exploratory movements & to strive for a more integrated approach.  Evoking the brain & the nervous system to develop better internal awareness to help you notice changes so that you can have a choice to change that behavior of pattern movement.  With this ability, it will help you function better with more ease as you age.

" Movement is life.  Life is a process.  Improve the quality of the process & you improve the quality of life itself."

- Moshe Feldenkrais


Functional Integration is a one to one session between the client & the practitioner, whereby the client usually lie on the table fully clothed & the practitioner gently uses non-invasive touch to facilitate the movements without the use of force & communicate how your body is organize to give you a better functional movement.  This learning process of tactile, kinesthetic communication works the nervous system which in turn allows the client to sense the differences & to let go of the constrain & tension that the client is holding. 


In Awareness Through Movement lessons, you'll have the opportunity to explore movements which requires you to feel, think, sense or even just by imagination. Your brain will start to pay more attention to the way you organize your body & recognizing your own habits & behaviour. Slowly you'll start to progress & develope new skillls to move in a non habitual way & efficiently. Tension which are constantly inhibited will release & improve overtime. The more you integrate the body & mind together, the better your movements & actions become.


Pregnant Pauses is for expecting mums who wants to improve their movements during their stages of pregnancy.  Sessions are deeply relaxing, reducing tension, boosting your energy & strength.  You will explore & learn how to organize your body to move more efficiently & effectively so as to be able to go about your daily activities & at the same time to ease your pregnancy pain & discomfort.

The sole creator of PREGNANT PAUSES is by Alan Questel.  This program is based on the application of the Feldenkrais Method.  You will gain a better knowledge to move in a safe & best possible way with intelligence. 


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Arm & spine connection

A simple movement that helps to release tension in the neck & shoulders.