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Integration Approach


How is Feldenkrais Method done?

~   The method is done in 2 ways.

1)   FI (Functional Integration) - It's a 1 to 1 session.  Student  is fully clothed  & the practitioner gently uses non-invasive touch to facilitate the movements without the use of force & communicate how your body is organize to give you a better functional movement.  

2)   ATM (Awareness Through Movement) - It's done in a group setting on the mat.  You'll be guided verbally through a sequence of movement lessons consist of easy comfortable movements which can slowly move into tougher ones.

How different it is from any other wellness or fitness exercises?

~   It requires your mind to be constantly asking & actively paying attention, listening to the feedback of your own internal        sensations when you're moving.  It invites you to observe one's habit to explore the many possibilities that we have in functioning during the process of a movement.  And that makes our brain think, learn, change our pattern of habits & behavior.

~   The movement done is not static nor focusing or working on specific muscle group to stretch.  Feldenkrais Method trains your brain to move with intelligence through the nervous system, helping you to coordinate & integrate your whole self to ease tension & move better with efficiency.



How it benefits?


~   With mindful thinking, listening, acting, responding, feeling & sensing during the movement,  the nervous system helps you to understand & to make that conscious choice to change the pattern habits spontaneously.  Softening the muscle tones due to stress & overworked muscles. 

Who can learn?

~   Anyone.  Young/Old/Fit/ Chronic Pain/Physically challenge

" What I'm after isn't flexible bodies but flexible brains.  What I'm after is to restore each person to their human dignity."  -  Moshe Feldenkrais